About Us

Taobao Agent in Manila was founded on January 2009. We are a professional purchasing agent that will help you to provide any kinds of products that you need from China. Our aim is to keep your current inventory while saving your money, time and effort.

Our company allows us to access exclusive merchandise to make the best deal or cheapest prices from our vendors. Our friendly agents will help you to negotiate from China Online Store in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian and other languages. They can also help you to choose merchandise from other Store Categories if necessary.

We are here to help our foreign friends to purchase products from Chinese online stores, includes:

www.taobao.com, www.tmall.comwww.paipai.comwww.360buy.comwww.amazon.cnwww.alibaba.cn etc.


TaoBao.com taobao
Taobao Marketplace – Taobao is the main place to buy stuff online in China. It’s like eBay, with many independent stores listing their products and shipping directly to you. But these are not bidding auctions. The prices are all fixed ‘Buy it Now’ prices.

Tmall.com tmall
Tmall.com – Tmall, also known as the the Taobao Mall, is China’s largest platform for B2C shopping and belongs to Taobao.com (which was founded as a C2C platform similar to Ebay).

PaiPai.com paipai
Paipai.com – is Tencent’s online trading platform and It’s very similar to TaoBao.com and having millions of shops inside.

360buy.com 360buy
360buy.com – Jingdong Mall is the biggest 3C online retailer of the B2C Market in China.No faked or inferior products inside. It’s popular in China and specialized in buy electronic digital products.

Amazon.cn amazon
Also one of the biggest B2C electronic products in China and it guarantee all of the product are authentic.


Alibaba.cn (Wholesale)  1688

Alibaba.cn, which is also called 1688.cn, is the largest Chinese wholesale website which is having the most Chinese factory members. If you are wholesaler or a retailer want to find product source with factory price, this is the idea site you may want to visit. Alibaba.cn is very similar to Taobao.com, and they both belong to Alibaba Group. You can just find your source on Alibaba.cn as what you do on Taobao.com or Ebay.


Price: The production cost in China is much cheaper than in most developed countries. In this case, you can get much bargain prices.

Postage: Many goods, from different vendors, will be gathered in our warehouse and shipped together, which greatly reduced international delivery costs.

Safety: Security payment and fast transaction. We will protect consumers from risks of international shopping by helping you to distinguish deceptive trade, as we offer you product verification and a good service satisfaction after the service.

Service: Lower Commission and efficient service is our target. It makes Taobao Agent in Manila would be the leading agent for purchasing from China.